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With over 20 years of industry experience, the team at Bedrock Machinery is your choice for quality used trench rollers, parts, repairs, and servicing.

We specialise in compactor makes such as Wacker Neuson Trench Rollers and Plate Compactors.

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RT82SC2 Wacker Neuson Trench Roller in action

Trench rollers, also known as trench compactors or remote-control compaction equipment, are an ideal piece of equipment for a site with difficult soil. These machines have been designed to perform effortlessly in cohesive soils such as clay, muddy soil or loose sediment. Through a remote-control system, trench rollers allow their operators to stand comfortably out of the work site with complete control.

These powerful workhorses work by moving and vibrating (compacting) the soil. With weighted drums and articulated joint, 2 vibration settings are able to deeply compact sites without losing stability or compaction. With a narrow model these compactors are able to work in tight work sites. Wacker Neuson trench rollers offer different working widths either 820mm or 560mm wide to adapt to your needs. If this is something you require, please let the team know.

Wacker Neuson rollers are smart machines, fitted with infrared technology to ensure safer compaction and a more efficient job. If you are looking for a quality used trench roller or need parts or service to get your machine back in action, talk to us today.